How to get a criminal case dismissed

How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed

Do you need to know how to get a criminal case dismissed? You think your case should be dismissed, but how does a criminal case dismissal happen?

If you need proven experience and legal knowledge to get your criminal case dismissed, we are the attorneys you have been looking for. We understand the criminal case against you has prevented you from living your life.

Now it’s time to do something about it. We are here to help you move forward with the rest of your life with a clean slate. When your freedom is on the line, we make sure to fight to get your court case dismissed.

We want to share with you some information on what you should be looking for when you hire a criminal defense attorney.

How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed

The first thing you need to do is hire a criminal attorney with a stellar reputation and numerous legal awards, like Mario Madrid. Our law firm handles criminal cases which range from DWI’s to Homicide

We represent clients in the Houston and surrounding areas. We forcefully confront the Texas criminal justice system for our clients. There are various means and methods we use for criminal case dismissals, but we start building your case through the common reasons listed below.

Two Common Reasons Criminal Cases Get Dismissed

The common reasons listed below range from how the police arrested you to problems with police evidence. We have used all the legal arguments as we fought to get criminal cases dismissed for our clients.  

  • Illegal Search and Seizure

Many times you see this on TV law and order shows. It means the police need a warrant to search your home and your vehicle. The police can search your home, and your vehicle under special circumstances if you agree to the search.

Any evidence the police get if you don’t agree to the search could be suppressed. The end results if that happens is case dismissal most of the time. 

  • Miranda Rights

Miranda rights are also a favorite criminal defense technique on TV shows. Not getting your Miranda rights after the police start interrogating means anything you say, cannot be used against you.

The criminal case could be dismissed even if you confess to the crime if the police failed to give you your Miranda rights. The case against you can also be dismissed if the police deliver the Miranda rights in a confusing way.

These are the two most common court case dismissal reasons. There are others, just as effective and efficient methods in getting your court case dismissed.

Two Effective Methods in Criminal Case  Dismissal

Texas has about 210 constitutional count courts that hear criminal cases. Dismissals account for about 40 percent of those cases.  Case dismissals happen when you use the most powerful legal tools you can get. 

If you combine the powerful legal tools with an exemplary criminal defense attorney, you can find effective methods to fight your criminal case. 

  • Lost Evidence

Lost evidence happens more than you think. When evidence is lost, the case can be dismissed by the judge or even the prosecutor. But, there are times when the evidence is not lost but has a sloppy chain of title.

Lost evidence may mean the evidence was sent to multiple locations or was placed with various law enforcement personnel. When that happens, the evidence wasn’t handled correctly, and the evidence needs to be suppressed.

In many cases, suppression of this evidence can dismiss criminal charges against you.  

  •  Not Enough Evidence

Sometimes the police charge people without having sufficient evidence to establish criminal activity. That means they cannot prove you committed the crime you are charged with based on the limited evidence they have. 

We can often make a legal argument in your criminal case using the above reasons. We give compelling legal reasons to the judge about the lost and insufficient evidence. If the evidence is not strong enough; the case can be dismissed.

Last Two Reasons Criminal Cases Get Dismissed

We know you are in a terrifying situation if you have been charged with a criminal case. Our legal strengths revolve around looking at your criminal case objectively and evaluating what can realistically be done to get the case dismissed.

The last two reasons listed below represent why our clients have had their criminal cases dismissed.

  • No Probable Cause

This one is used often if the police don’t have a valid and compelling reason to stop you, search you, or arrest you. The police have to believe you committed a crime before they can search or arrest you.

If there was never a good reason, there is a chance we can get the criminal case against you dismissed.

  • Missing Witnesses

Missing witnesses also happens more times than you think in criminal cases. Witnesses go missing or refuse to testify. If the witnesses’ testimony is essential and vital to the criminal case against you, we can file for your case to be dismissed.

We want to make sure we go over all the above case dismissal possibilities, once we meet with you. We find out the details of your case and determine if any of those details will help us get your case dismissed.

If any of the above qualify, we will aggressively petition for case dismissal in your criminal court. 

Secure Your Chances of a Criminal Case Dismissal

We start the case dismissal process with your criminal charges as soon as possible. If you give us honest and factual details of your case, you make our job easier in getting you the case dismissal you seek.

We have listed the information above so you know how to get a criminal case dismissed. Our job is to mitigate your criminal exposure and get you the best possible outcome.

We take our responsibility seriously, and we try to give you frank and honest answers to your questions. The next step you take in hiring your criminal defense attorney will affect the rest of your life.

Make sure you choose to meet with us as one of your steps. Reach out to us today and let us give you an initial and free consultation to discuss the particularities of your criminal case.