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Legs of a person lying on the road after a motorcycle and car accident

In 2017, only 65 percent of people who rode a motorcycle wore a helmet. This is shocking, considering the simple act of wearing one could have saved 750 more lives of individuals involved in motorcycle accidents in the same year.

Unfortunately, even if you wear a helmet, there’s no 100 percent guarantee that you won’t be involved in an accident. When an accident does occur, the injuries you may suffer are often far more severe than what’s seen in traditional motor vehicle accidents.

Due to the severity of these injuries, many people are affected long-term, resulting in disabilities and the inability to return to work. If you find yourself in this situation, then it’s smart to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you acquire compensation for the injuries you suffered.

While some people don’t think that legal help is needed in these situations, an attorney brings quite a bit to the table. Most people wouldn’t fight a DWI charge on their own, and there is no reason to fight for compensation alone, either.

Learn why hiring a lawyer for your case is such a good idea here.

1. Determine if You are Owed Compensation

There are situations after a motorcycle accident when you may not be able to receive compensation. If you were at fault, then it’s not likely you can collect anything.

However, there are some situations where even if the fault was entirely your fault, you may still be able to collect a small settlement to use toward making repairs to your bike and paying for injury treatment.

Unfortunately, if you try to figure out the amount of compensation you are entitled to on your own, or try to negotiate with the insurance company, you may wind up with much less than you really deserve. An attorney can determine if you are due compensation, and work to get you the most compensation possible.

2. The Can Explain the Process of Filing a Claim in Terms You Can Understand

If the attorney you hire determines you are due compensation for your injuries, then they can explain to you, in laymen’s terms, what you need to do to file the claim. In some cases, the process is rather simple. All you have to do is negotiate a fair settlement amount with the insurance company.

However, in other situations, it may require you and your attorney to go to court to get a settlement that you deem is fair. Regardless of which avenue you take, the attorney can make the process seamless for you.

3. Provide Answers to Your Questions

Most people, unless they have a background in law, don’t know much about what goes into filing a legal claim, or trying to collect compensation after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

As a result, you are probably going to have more than a few questions. When you hire an attorney, you will have someone available to answer any questions you have, at any point of the process.

4. Uncovering the Facts

Once you have selected the attorney you want to work with, they are going to spend time collecting the details of your situation. This is done by accessing police and medical reports, talking to witnesses, and in some cases, even recreating the accident scene.

A quality attorney will know how to gather the information needed and then use it to help you get more compensation. Once they have all the facts in place, they will begin negotiating with the insurance company.

5. Insurance Company Negotiations

Before taking any type of official legal action, your attorney will likely contact the insurance company to see if a fair settlement can be agreed on. If you are entitled to compensation, chances are your insurance company will have reached out previously to try and come to an agreement.

Keep in mind, though, when an insurance adjuster makes an offer, it’s going to be lower than what you deserve. After all, the adjuster’s goal is to minimize what the company has to pay you.

As long as you don’t accept that offer, your attorney can negotiate to get you what they feel is a fair amount. They will use the information and facts that have been gathered to show why you deserve more money from the insurance company.

The process of negotiating with an insurance company can be complex – even for highly qualified attorneys. As a result, this is something best left to the pros.

6. Provide Representation in Court

While the attorney will help you file a lawsuit, if needed after a motorcycle accident, they will also represent you in court if the need arises. They will present your case and argue the facts about it.

Their ultimate goal will be to show the jury or judge that you deserve a higher amount of compensation than what the insurance company is offering.

When you have an attorney represent you in court, you will increase the likelihood of a successful case and receiving the compensation you deserve.

Should You Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

As shown by all the information above, it makes sense for you to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer after being involved in an accident. They know the process and will work diligently to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Keep in mind, most of these attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means they don’t get paid unless you recover compensation. As a result, they are going to be highly motivated to get you as much compensation as possible.

If you have recently been in a motorcycle accident, or need legal representation, be sure to contact us. Our legal team will provide you with the quality legal services you need an deserve.