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How to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

There are approximately 1.34 million attorneys in the United States. With so many options, finding the best criminal defense attorney in Texas can be quite a challenge.

If you are charged with a crime, finding a person to provide the legal defense you need is essential, and no one wants to choose a subpar lawyer. As a result, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and find out what makes a great criminal defense lawyer.

Hire a Responsive Attorney

If you are facing a criminal charge, time may be limited. Every day you wait to hire an attorney, is one less day they have to work on your case.

When you first make contact with a criminal defense attorney, take note of how quickly they respond. Ideally, the lawyer’s legal team should set up a meeting with you within one day.

If the attorney is quick to answer your email or phone call, then it’s a good sign. Responsiveness is essential when it comes to any criminal case.

Look for a Confident Lawyer, not an Arrogant One

When it comes to the law, there’s often an element of the unknown. No attorney is going to be able to guarantee a specific outcome to your case. If they do, this is actually a red flag.

Find a lawyer who is willing to put in the work to build a strong case, rather than one who tries to fill your mind with all sorts of promises that can’t be guaranteed.

Find an Attorney with the Right Experience

Not all lawyers are created equal, nor do they specialize in the same legal services. There are some attorneys who specialize in personal injury, while others specialize in criminal law.

There are even sub-specialities, within these broader specialities.

If you are facing charges of a violent crime, then hiring an attorney whose experience is only with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, isn’t a smart move. It’s important you check out the lawyer’s website to see what cases they specialize in.

Check Out the Attorney’s Team

Preparing your criminal case for court isn’t a job suited for just one person. Even the best defense lawyer needs a great team behind them.

Find out if the lawyer you are considering hiring has an administrative team, paralegals and other junior attorneys helping with the cases. These are the individuals who can help ensure your case is properly prepared and defended.

While hiring the best criminal defense lawyer in the business is great, what happens if they get sick? Is another member of the team going to be able to take over? Are they going to know what’s going on? Be sure to find out about the attorney, and their team.

Always Check References

When you find a quality criminal attorney, you will find a reputation that matches. Be sure to ask associates and friends for recommendations. You can also get references from some of the attorney’s previous clients.

A quality lawyer is also going to have a great reputation within their profession. Take time to ask other attorneys to recommend a criminal attorney for you to use. They don’t have to be a criminal lawyer to recommend someone who practices in this area of the law.

Find an Attorney with Experience in the Local Courts

While it’s important to find an attorney with experience in criminal law, you also need to find one who has worked in the local courts. This is an aspect of hiring an attorney that is often overlooked.

The fact is, though, these relationships and connections can go quite far when trying to fight a criminal charge.

Every court is going to do things their own way, but judges also do things their own way. When an attorney is hired that knows the ins and outs of the court your case is going to be heard in, it can help them develop a winning defense strategy.

Find an Attorney with a Clear Fee Structure

A quality defense attorney isn’t going to set you up for confusion when it comes to how they charge for their services. Instead, they are going to use simple terms to explain what they are charging and what you can expect to pay.

In most cases, the attorney will be able to give you a pretty close estimate of what your case will cost.

Remember, while it may be tempting to choose the attorney with the lowest fees, this isn’t always the best course of action. Instead, make sure to find out what services they offer, and that the attorney has the ability, skills, and motivation to develop a quality, vigorous defense.

Gauge the Attorney’s Enthusiasm

There are some lawyers who work harder than other ones. It’s important to find an attorney who conducts a complete investigation of the case and know when to take the situation to trial. They should also encourage their client to accept a plea only when it’s in their best interest.

To choose the right attorney, look for a sense of enthusiasm. The attorney should have a sincere interest in the work they do. They must also be eager to dive into your case.

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas: Now You Know

When you are searching for the best criminal defense attorney in Texas, there are quite a few things to consider. The tips and information here can help you with this important decision.

If you want to speak with a legal team that has the experience, professionalism, and ability to defend your case, reach out to us today. We are here to help with your criminal case and provide you with the advice and guidance needed during this trying time.