Houston Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

A federal criminal charge is a serious and scary situation that requires the help of an experienced and aggressive Houston Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer. Federal offenses are drastically different and extremely more complex than state offenses. Additionally, the potential penalties can be far worse. Federal prosecutors have the resources of the federal government and a wealth of training in pursuit of a criminal prosecution. You need someone who can counter that with the knowledge and experience that we have at Madrid Law.

The attorney you choose is important. The same attorney who handles Texas DWI charges or low-level drug crimes in state court will likely not have the skill and training that is necessary to represent you in a federal charge. You want an advocate on your side who handles federal cases regularly and has a demonstrated ability to succeed in federal court.

Mario Madrid is a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer who has over 20 years of experience defending clients in federal courts nationwide. We have earned a record of success in these complex cases. No matter how challenging your case may seem, you can be confident with us on your side.

Federal Charges Affect Your Life and Liberty

A federal criminal charge is not child’s play, it is serious business. The consequences will affect your personal and professional life for the rest of your existence. Whether you are in Houston, or anywhere in Texas or anywhere in the United States, if you are facing a criminal charge or an investigation, you need to have an attorney on your side with the expertise, experience, dedication, and a successful track record to defend your case and bring you the peace of mind.

Federal Criminal Charges

If you are the target of a federal investigation or have been charged with a federal crime, you need a lawyer who is experienced in federal criminal defense. We aggressively represent clients in all federal cases and courts. We defend clients in federal courts in a number of charges including the following:

  • Federal conspiracy charges, including drug conspiracies and more
  • Child Pornography
  • Capital Murder
  • Federal white collar crimes such as mortgage fraud, wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud and Medicare/Medicaid fraud, as well as RICO charges
  • Federal drug charges such as federal drug trafficking
  • Federal sex crime charges
  • Federal violent crime charges
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Embezzlement

Federal prosecutors are aggressive and experienced. You need someone on your side who can match that experience and aggression and be successful in your federal criminal defense.

Do Not Wait Until You Are Charged

Do not make the mistake of waiting until you are charged. We handle grand jury investigations. If you have been subpoenaed or you believe you are the target of an investigation, it is important to obtain experienced criminal defense representation as soon as possible. Early investigation and communication with law enforcement can sometimes create opportunities that lead to no charges or reduced charges.

If you have already been charged, it is imperative to contact a skilled federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. We travel to all federal courts in Texas and throughout the United States.

Federal prosecutors are determined and more than willing to bring federal charges and use all the resources possible in their prosecution. You will need a tough trial attorney who is ready to fight for you and not back down. We are a determined and skilled federal criminal defense law firm with a proven record of results.

Get Legal Help for Your Federal Charge or Investigation

Has you been charged with a Federal Criminal Charge? Without the right legal help, you could be facing a lengthy prison sentence.

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