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Clear Your Criminal Record

If you have ever been arrested for a criminal charge, the arrest will follow you and impact you negatively. A background check of your criminal history will occur when you apply for a job, college or graduate school, mortgage or loan, try to lease an apartment or try to obtain financial aid. You could be denied employment, a loan or ability to lease an apartment.

Depending on the outcome of your case, it may be possible to clear your record. Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Mario Madrid has over 20 years of experience helping people clear their records and removing the stain of a criminal charge so that they can move on with their lives unhindered by the shackles of the criminal courts.



You may be surprised to learn that even if you have had your case dismissed or if you have been found not guilty by a jury of your peers, a record of your criminal charge still exists. The case does not just disappear. If you do not take the next step to expunge your record, the record of the arrest will remain for the public to see.

Fortunately, Texas law provides an avenue for an expunction. This process removes the record of arrest as if you were never charged. Houston Expunction Lawyer Mario Madrid is experienced and skilled in the legal ins and outs of the expunction process and has successfully expunged the records of hundreds of satisfied clients.

Order of Non-Disclosure

Often times lawyers and even judges will inform a defendant that if they complete Deferred Adjudication, their case will be dismissed and they will not have a criminal record. Later, when that person loses out on a job opportunity because of their criminal record they are understandably angry and feel they have nowhere to turn. Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Mario Madrid may be able to help seal your record through the process provides of an Order of Non-Disclosure. An Order of Non-Disclosure is an order from the court sealing your record from the public. It is different from an expunction in that law enforcement and certain government agencies can still see your record, but public cannot see your record.

There are certain criminal offenses that require a waiting period and there are certain offenses that are not eligible for an Order of Non-Disclosure. Mr. Madrid will be able to inform you if your situation is eligible for this type of relief.

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Houston Criminal Attorney Mario Madrid has the knowledge and experience to removed criminal charges from your record. He can verify whether you qualify to clear your record, either through an Expunction or an Order of Non-Disclosure. Call him at 713-877-9400 so that he can start the process of getting your record cleared.